Vivara Pro is the European expert on projects and products focused on mitigation, promoting biodiversity, flora and fauna compensation and sustainability. Thanks to our own production sites, plant fields and placement team, we are flexible and able to carry out complete projects.

Our products are the result of long-term and unique collaborations with leading wildlife organizations, such as the Bird Conservancy and the Mammalian Society. This cooperation extends not only to the Netherlands; for example, we also have close ties with Nabu in Germany. Because of this approach, we can always rely on the expertise of experienced ecologists, consultants and specialists.

With more than 25 years of experience, our products are regularly tested in the field, leading to new insights and continuous improvements. Our products meet the highest standards and are sustainably produced with FSC certification as a guarantee.

How it began

Vivara Pro’s origins are in conservation products for use in the home garden. Under the Vivara name, we developed products such as premium bird food, feeding systems, nesting boxes, nature-friendly plantings, books and educational products. Vivara started in 1994 and has about 300 employees.

From Vivara, the Vivara Pro business unit was launched in September 2014. Vivara Pro was created due to the high demand for products for professional organizations for nature-inclusive building and increasing biodiversity.

What makes us unique

  • Products developed together with nature organizations
  • Experienced ecologists and consultants
  • Own European factories
  • Sustainable production/FSC certified
  • Complete project implementation

What we can do for you

Each project begins with research to identify what is needed to comply with the Nature Protection Act. We do a quick scan or a full ecological survey.

In addition, we have developed and produced quite a number of products and facilities in recent years. We always do this together with experts such as conservation organizations and ecologists. And as mentioned, we take into account the guidelines of Bij12. Moreover, we use only FSC wood for production. All products can be incorporated into the facade during construction or renovation and can be used for animal relocation and preservation.

For species such as swifts, house sparrows, various bat species as well as solitary bees, there are so-called built-in stones available. If there is no possibility of installation, provisions can still be placed. Consider lifting or gable and pole boxes.

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