What is BIJ12?

BIJ12 works on behalf of the provinces and aims to make policy for nature in our provinces more efficient and effective. This includes managing natural areas, protecting plants and animals and encouraging conservation. BIJ12 provides knowledge and coordination for projects and initiatives aimed at conserving nature in the Netherlands. The name BIJ12 comes from the 12 provinces in the Netherlands.

BIJ12 is committed to animal mitigation and conservation. They advise on measures to reduce the negative impacts of human activities on animals and to conserve and protect biodiversity. This may include reducing disturbance to nests, preserving habitat and taking measures to protect animals from negative impacts, such as prohibiting the killing or trapping of sensitive species.

Why is BIJ12 important?

Demolishing or building and cutting down trees can harm animal species that are legally protected under the Nature Protection Act (Wnb). To prevent or reduce damage to nature, appropriate measures must be taken.

Similarly, if a building owner wants to carry out work where protected species are present, an exemption must be requested from the relevant province. An exemption will be granted only if adequate mitigation and compensation measures are taken. These measures are detailed in the Species Knowledge Papers, which were created in collaboration with experts in ecology and legal affairs.

Our products and BIJ12

BIJ12 also helps develop products for nature. The goal is to give protected animals a better place to live, especially in areas where their native habitat has been disturbed. For example, nesting and dwelling opportunities for bats, swifts, house sparrows and insects can be installed. Both permanent and long-term facilities are available for this purpose. These products must meet strict conditions.

Our products therefore meet strict ecological standards and the latest insights. They are in line with the guidelines outlined in BIJ12’s knowledge documents. We keep a close eye on developments in our field and adjust immediately if insights change or if there are new developments.

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