Developments in nature-inclusive building and nature-friendly environmental design never stand still. During training you will be introduced to most current fauna facilities…

Lees Meer

Maintenance and management

After placement, regular management and maintenance of most fauna facilities is highly recommended. Fauna facilities are exposed to weather and wind and…

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Placement of facilities

In addition to supplying products and facilities, we can also perform placement work of both temporary and permanent facilities. Consider hanging bat…

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Fauna Utilization Plan

A fauna establishment plan is a detailed recommendation. It indicates which fauna support is important to a project or environment. A good…

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Under the Nature Protection Act, it is prohibited to disturb the nests and resting places of vulnerable animal species, capture or kill…

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BREEAM for sustainable business

BREEAM stands for Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method and is the most important and widely used sustainability label internationally. The system…

Lees Meer
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