Under the Nature Protection Act, it is prohibited to disturb the nests and resting places of vulnerable animal species, capture or kill…

Lees Meer

Total Solution

There is quite a bit involved in all the measures that need to be taken before a project can start. There are…

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Nature-friendly environmental design

Buildings offer many opportunities to increase biodiversity. Nature-inclusive building provides a healthy, future-proof living environment for people and animals. However, the success…

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Nature-inclusive building

Nature-inclusive building, is the construction or renovation of houses or other buildings with an eye to preserving flora and fauna. It also…

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Amphibian solutions

Amphibians are doing poorly, even common species. For example, Dutch populations of the common toad have declined by more than 50% since…

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Green facades

In nature-inclusive building and design, the facade is not forgotten either. Green facades have several advantages. In summer, they provide significant cooling,…

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Natural control nuisance species

To prevent nuisance from certain animal species, it is important to provide sufficient nesting and hiding places for birds, mammals and parasitic…

Lees Meer
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