Fauna Utilization Plan

A fauna establishment plan is a detailed recommendation. It indicates which fauna support is important to a project or environment. A good wildlife management plan contributes to a healthy ecosystem, increases biodiversity and creates a pleasant living environment for people and animals.

Our working method

An ecological report is important for an optimal connective fauna establishment plan. Once all required project information is provided, we will send a quote for preparing the plan. Upon receipt of the order confirmation, our team will prepare and send the fauna management plan.

The fauna landscaping plan identifies which fauna facilities are possible and where they can best be applied. Colored dots on the project/construction/fa├žade drawings indicate the locations of these facilities. The plan additionally includes a cost report.

What information do we need?

To prepare a good plan, we need a few things:

  • Ecological quick scan
  • Map (e.g. Google satellite map) with marked on it:
    • Layout of the work area, including approach and exit roads
    • Adjacent existing green structures (trees, shrubs, water)
    • Mature trees, including those in adjacent areas (marked with dots if possible)
    • Lighting including ground lighting (indicated with dots if possible)
    • The locations of desired facilities that fall outside the ecological plan so that we can best accommodate any additional needs (indicated with dots if possible)

If facilities are also to be installed on existing buildings please provide photos and situation drawings for each facade included:

  • Roughly stated dimensions – heights
  • Roughly stated present windows/doors/balconies/lighting
  • Nature of facade material and nature of lighting

Want to know more? Then get in touch. We are happy to help you.

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