In nature-inclusive building and design, the facade is not forgotten either. Green facades have several advantages. In summer, they provide significant cooling, both for the building itself and for the city. In winter, they keep heat inside the building. Plants cause cooler urban and street climates through evaporation. In addition, sound attenuation occurs as the reflection of sound between facades decreases.

In addition, a green facade provides cover, food, nesting sites and shelter for birds and insects. Façade plantings take up minimal space yet provide significant square footage of green space.

A green facade, a valuable microhabitat

There are several ways to green a facade. A wall can be completely covered with greenery, the greenery can surround certain floors, or the plants climb upward while zigzagging.

Green facades can be perfectly combined with wood concrete fauna features for house sparrows, swifts, songbirds, insects or bats. This creates valuable microhabitats that provide habitat for up to a hundred different animal species.

Types of facade vegetation

There are three categories of façade planting: the orientation of the façade (sun or shade) and the type of soil present determine which types of façade planting are appropriate.

  1. Self-attaching climbing plants, for example, ivy and three-part vine.
  2. Climbing plants that require a support structure to grow and climb, such as wisteria, woodland vine, honeysuckle and wild hops.
  3. Green wall: plants grow from containers on the facade or on a substrate attached to the facade. For example, bittersweet, hedgerow, ferns, herbs and violets.

Currently, we only offer climbers that require a support structure, called Urban Climbers.

Benefits of growing climbing plants directly from substrate

We recommend growing climbing plants from underground. After all, this is the natural way of climbing plant growth. The growth habit offers several advantages:

+ No insect control

+ Many times cheaper to purchase than living wall systems

+ No watering system required

+ Long service life

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