Management and maintenance of fauna facilities

After placement, regular management and maintenance of most fauna facilities is highly recommended. Fauna facilities are exposed to weather and wind and can be damaged or become crooked and loose as a result.

Why maintenance is necessary

In addition to weather effects, animal housing has to deal with:

  • Normal use of the facility.
  • Unintended use by other species such as damage caused by woodpeckers or predators.
  • Damage caused by improper assembly, adjacent work or vandalism.

Maintenance ensures that fauna facilities remain usable in the long term. In addition, it results in optimal utilization results for resident animals.

What does management and maintenance involve?

Management and maintenance includes:

  • Close inspection of both the facility itself and any animal occupancy
  • Sweeping facilities or maintenance general
  • Repair of minor damages
  • Replacement for major damage on an after-the-fact basis
  • Clear pruning approach route
  • Reporting of findings

Maintenance and management can be on a contractual basis or project-specific. This way, you don’t have to worry about the facilities and are assured of optimal functioning. Please contact for options.

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