Naturally friendly environmental design

Buildings offer many opportunities to increase biodiversity. Nature-inclusive building provides a healthy, future-proof living environment for people and animals. However, the success of faunal amenities for, say, house sparrows and bats also depends on the design of green structures in the immediate vicinity of buildings or projects. It is therefore important to include nature-friendly design as early as possible in the planning process.

Opportunities for nature-friendly design

Gardens, yards, parks and public spaces such as industrial transshipment sites can be designed to accommodate all kinds of animals. For example, fauna features such as sparrow and starling stands and bat pole boxes can be placed in public spaces. In doing so, it is important to provide where possible:

  • A healthy green structure with lots of variety in both species, heights and age of crops and attention to nectar- and fruit-bearing species. Among other things, a healthy green structure provides opportunities for food, hiding places and shade.
  • Water spots where water is present throughout the year.
  • Open patches of sand for ground-dwelling insects, sand baths, etc.

Benefits of nature-friendly design

With a nature-friendly design, each project area contributes to a healthy and functioning ecosystem, providing more biodiversity a pleasant living environment for people and animals. Moreover, greenery and nature measures make the city and public spaces climate adaptive, reduce the effects of heat island and encourage residents to exercise.

Nature-friendly landscaping, a profession in its own right

Each area has its own unique characteristics and opportunities. Standard facilities are available for species that nest in buildings, such as house sparrows, swifts and bats.

However, a specific nature-friendly design of public space, such as the construction of a bank swallow or kingfisher wall or the installation of a nesting box for a peregrine falcon, requires customization. We are ready to provide advice on the nature-inclusive opportunities offered by a specific situation, including the preparation of fauna establishment plans. Therefore, feel free to contact us for more information about the possibilities.

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