Nature-inclusive building

Nature-inclusive building, is the construction or renovation of houses or other buildings with an eye to preserving flora and fauna. It also looks at opportunities to improve biodiversity in the area.

In new construction, renovations and area design, nature-inclusive construction takes into account bats, bird species such as swifts, house sparrows and swallows, insects and planting.

Nature is incorporated into construction, so to speak. This can range from incorporating green roofs and facades to developing buildings with customized amenities for different species.

Nature Protection Act and nature-inclusive construction

The Nature Protection Act regulates the protection of nature in the Netherlands. An important part of this law deals with the protection of sensitive species. Thus, it is prohibited to disturb, capture or kill these animals. This has made nature-inclusive construction especially important.

How can you build nature-inclusively?

A number of species prefer to use our buildings to breed, raise young or hibernate. There are several measures you can take to build nature-inclusively. This allows you to place nesting and dwelling opportunities for bats, swifts, house sparrows and insects. Both permanent and long-term facilities are available for this purpose.

In new construction, amenities for sparrows, swifts and bats can be incorporated in a relatively simple and inexpensive way. Involve an (urban) ecologist early on for this purpose, so that facilities can already be included in the planning and design phase.

These features can also be incorporated into renovation projects. In addition to providing habitats, the creation of appropriate greenery in public spaces and gardens is very important in nature-inclusive building. After all, insects, seeds and fruits are a food source for birds, mammals and amphibians.

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