Complete unburdening by installing facilities

In addition to supplying products and facilities, we can also perform placement work of both temporary and permanent facilities. Consider hanging bat boxes, swift boxes and installing insect hotels, hoists and pole boxes.

A major advantage here is that we design, test and manufacture our own products. So we know exactly how to use them most efficiently. In addition to installing standard products from our range, customization is also possible.

The work is carried out by our project managers, sometimes in collaboration with our partners. If necessary, the work is performed using an aerial work platform or telehandler.

Plaatsing en ontwikkeling in samenwerking met Miecon.

VCA certified

VCA VOL stands for VGM Checklist Contractors Safety for Operational Managers.

Our project managers are VCA VOL certified. This demonstrates our familiarity with all regulations, laws and regulations, recognizing unsafe situations and preventing workplace accidents.

Of course, we keep our safety, health and environmental knowledge and skills up to date. Contact us for options.

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