Amphibian stairs

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Amphibians are doing poorly, even common species. For example, Dutch populations of the common toad have declined by more than 50% since 2008 (source: Traffic accidents, urbanization and deaths in street gullies contribute to this. And these animals also struggle on construction sites.

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During spring migration alone, around 185,000 toads end up in gullies. And that doesn’t just happen during migration. Throughout the year, frogs, toads and salamanders end up in gullies and cuckoos. Often they are unable to escape under their own power. Each year, hundreds of thousands of adult amphibians and a multitude of juveniles are involved.

This simple construction allows toads, frogs and salamanders to escape safely from gullies and cuckoos. Moreover, this universal solution for amphibians is not only durable, but also easy to install. The specially designed corner profile is easily mounted in the corner of the gully.

Research conducted by RAVON shows that this amphibian trap is particularly effective. More than 90% of amphibians manage to escape independently from the gully, pit or cuckoo within 24 hours via these stairs.

Pathway benefits:

  • Material recycled plastic
  • Beveled back for better corner fit
  • Wide grip profile for frogs and toads
  • Easy placement
  • Adjustable length by click system
  • Fully recyclable
  • Sustainable
  • Place the corner profile in the corner of the gully or cuckoo. The profile fits nicely due to the beveled back.
  • Make sure the stairs are at the right height so that an amphibian can reach the opening of the kolk or cuckoo.
  • Snap two or three corner profiles together to create the correct length. This depends on the depth of the swirl. The stairs must reach below the waterline (stench trap) at a minimum. The length of each part is 17 cm.
  • Mark out the drill holes or pre-drill with a small drill bit.
  • Use a small or angle drill.
  • Drill the holes and provide them with the appropriate plug.
  • Screws and dowels of 5 mm are sufficient.
  • Item number: 920080119
  • Afmetingen (h x b) (cm):17,3 x 10
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