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This flower mixture is composed of 17 native species with the specific goal of promoting solitary bees.

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A flower mixture composed of 17 native species, with the specific purpose of promoting solitary bees. This group of bees suffers greatly, in part because of the present monotonous landscape in the countryside. The species in this mixture are specially selected for food offerings for solitary bees.


  • Blue cornflower
  • Pale poppy
  • Lemon yellow honey clover
  • Yellow gooseflower
  • Common angelica
  • Common roller clover
  • Big cheesewort
  • Large Dandelion
  • Little stripe seed
  • Purple deadnettle
  • Carrot
  • Red clover
  • Snakeweed
  • Branched lion’s tooth
  • Wild marjoram
  • White honey clover
  • Wow

This flower mixture is available in 200 grams (item number 860000120), 500 grams (item number 860010120) and 1000 grams (item number 860020120)

  • Item number: 800000120
  • Weight / Product Weight:200 gram, 500 gram, 1000 gram
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