HT HZ 01 House swallow box complete

Item number: 903250120
Outer dimensions (w x h x d) (cm): 60 (til) x 130
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This swale provides nesting opportunities for the house swallow. The lift is mounted on a 6-meter galvanized mast. The swale is made of Plywood with bitumen roofing. A total of 18 nesting bowls are pre-assembled.

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For mitigation and compensation of house martin nests, a house martin is a good option. A loft provides multiple artificial nesting sites. It also leaves plenty of room for house swallows to build natural nests at the loft.

Most likely to be discovered and used is when a swallow box is placed in close proximity to the existing colony. If there is no colony nearby, there is little chance of the loft being discovered. To increase the probability, decoy sounds can be used. This seems to work somewhat but certainly offers no guarantee.

A total of 18 artificial nests are pre-assembled. To make it extra attractive to swallows, a mud puddle can be constructed in the immediate vicinity. Swallows can collect mud here to reduce the nest entrance or build natural nests.

This til is constructed of a metal frame and finished with exterior plywood. It is treated with a coat of spray cork and an Ecolabel paint, color RAL 9010. The roof has a layer of black roofing slate.

If properly placed, the lift will withstand at least wind force 10.

A swallow box can be placed wherever house swallows nest. The lift comes with a galvanized metal thick-walled mast 6 meters in length. The mast features a ground piece for extra stable and secure placement.

  • With the lift also comes the means to place the lift such as bags of quick concrete and means to keep the lift stable for the first few days after placement.
  • Place the mast at least 1 to 1.5 meters deep in the ground. This depends on the soil conditions at the site.
  • To protect the loft from vandalism, it is advisable to establish prickly vegetation around the loft. Make sure it does not grow too high or it will obstruct the house swallows’ approach route.

If desired, we can provide full installation services. Contact us for options.

The artificial nests cannot be taken away. If desired, some nesting material can be removed through the entrance opening. This is especially recommended if sparrows have been nesting in the nest bowls. Furthermore, the til requires no maintenance. If necessary, the head of til can be repainted after a few years.

  • Item number: 903250120
  • Weight (kg):95 (excl. paal)
  • Outer dimensions (w x h x d) (cm):60 (til) x 130
  • Soortgroep:Zwaluwen
  • Type:House Swallow
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