HT MU 02 House muffler complete

Item number: 901510120
Outer dimensions (w x h x d) (cm): 90 x 120 (excl. paal)
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This house sparrow shelter offers house sparrows (as well as ring sparrows) a replacement nesting site before, during and after renovations or new construction. The loft is equipped with 18 nesting sites with a 35 mm entrance opening.

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Mitigation and compensation for house sparrows often involve the installation of various facilities. These can be nesting boxes but also so-called housemustills. This loft meets the size requirements of the House Sparrow Knowledge Document of Bee 12.

The loft provides 18 nest boxes under one roof for a colony of house sparrows. When placed in the more agricultural area and in farmyards, ring sparrows also make use of it.

This til is constructed of a metal frame finished with exterior plywood and treated with a coat of Ecolabel paint, color RAL 9010. The roof has a layer of black roofing slate. The roof structure has an extra roof for ventilation, so it does not get as hot in the nest boxes in hot weather.

If properly placed, the lift will withstand at least wind force 10.

The sparrow pill can be placed anywhere sparrows are found, in the city, a village, gardens, green spaces, parks, industrial sites you name it. It is very important for sparrows that the immediate environment meets a number of requirements. For example, there must be plenty of food and water. Dense bushes in which they can hide and bare sandy spots for a sand bath are also important.

This til comes with a galvanized metal thick-walled mast 6 meters in length. The mast features a ground piece for extra stable and secure placement.

  • With the lift also comes the means to place the lift such as bags of quick concrete and means to keep the lift stable for the first few days after placement.
  • Place the mast at least 1 to 1.5 meters deep in the ground. This depends on the soil conditions at the site.
  • To protect the loft from vandalism, it is advisable to establish prickly vegetation around the loft.
  • If desired, we can provide full installation services. Contact us for options.

The nest boxes in the loft can be opened at the front for maintenance. To do this, 2 screws in the front panels must be removed. Furthermore, the til requires no maintenance. If necessary, the head of til can be repainted after a few years. Sparrows use the loft year-round. So even in the winter months.

  • Item number: 901510120
  • Weight (kg):82 (excl. paal)
  • Outer dimensions (w x h x d) (cm):90 x 120 (excl. paal)
  • Material:FSC-hout
  • Soortgroep:Mussen
  • Type:Blue Tit, Great Tit, House Sparrow, Ring Sparrow
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