IB VL 10 Bat built-in cabinet

Item number: 910460120
Outer dimensions (w x h x d) (cm): 78 x 118 x 5
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The IB VL 10 built-in box is made to provide a large space for larger groups of bats (including maternity and winter groups) in new construction, renovation and post-insulation projects. The small thickness of the cabinet allows it to fit into an existing 5 to 6 cm cavity.

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Note! This cabinet is always used in combination with entrance brick IB VL 09 which is bricked into the exterior wall. The chamfered design on the inside of the IB VL 10 ensures that the dung from the bats is automatically discharged through the entrance stone so that there is no build-up of dung inside the enclosure. The applied layer of spray cork on the outside of the cabinet provides additional insulation.

Suitable as maternity and winter habitat for:

  • Common dwarf bat
  • Shaggy dwarf bat
  • Little dwarf bat


  • Preferably, build this large cabinet into the facade in several places. In doing so, vary in altitude and wind direction.
  • Build the cabinets in the facade at a minimum height of 4 meters.
  • When renovating or post-insulating, first cut open or cut down the existing facade so the cabinet will fit in. After the entrance brick IB VL 09 has been bricked in, the built-in cabinet can be installed. The creep-in opening of the cabinet is placed on the edge on the inside of the entrance brick IB VL 09 so that it fits perfectly.
  • The cabinet can be secured with, for example, cavity anchors (not supplied).
  • Do not build in cabinets directly over doors or windows.
  • Provide a free entry and exit route and never place cabinets in or under artificial light.

This bat box cannot be cleaned. Due to the sloped interior of the cabinet, excrement can easily roll out of the cabinet through the entrance stone.

  • Item number: 910460120
  • Weight (kg):2,6
  • Outer dimensions (w x h x d) (cm):78 x 118 x 5
  • Inner dimension (w x h x d) (cm):76 x 116 x 3
  • Material:Watervast Multiplex (FSC) + spuitkurk
  • Soortgroep:Bats
  • Type:Common dwarf bat, Little dwarf bat, Shaggy dwarf bat
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