IP WA 01 Insect wall

Item number: 920760120
Outer dimensions (w x h x d) (cm): 260 x 250 x 126
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This insect wall, equipped with roof, is made of Douglas wood and approved by bee experts. Appropriate planting near this wall is important so that butterflies, solitary bees and other insects are attracted. Nectar plants are essential for hotel bees.

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A number of species of solitary bees and wasps use this wall as a nesting aid. The six filled containers were mainly filled with bamboo tubes and reeds using internal diameters between 2 and 10 mm as much as possible. This gives various species the opportunity to lay their eggs here.

Within the applied mix bamboo will also include larger diameter tubes or tubes that are not fully open or even closed. This is not a problem because enough suitable tubes remain.

The wall is constructed of a Douglas wood frame and roof with metal post holders for stable placement in the ground. Bamboo-filled bins are slid into the wall. If desired, netting can be stretched in front of the trays so that birds such as tits cannot eat the larvae.

The walls are produced in the social workshop of Natuurpunt in Ekeren.

This insect wall comes as a 3-part kit namely the frame, the roof and the filled trays. Placement can also be provided by our team.

  • Place the insect wall preferably in a shady, sunny and flowery spot. The front, where possible, faces south.
  • Before installation, mount the included metal post holders to the frame.
  • Dig two holes for the post holders, using the provided ground level holders so that the frame is not placed too deep.
  • Using two people, place the frame upright and level in the holes and fill the holes with soil and quick concrete.
  • Make sure it stays upright with the included bracing posts and slats. When everything is stable, the bins can be slid into the frame and secured.
  • The transition edges between frame and tray can be trimmed with the supplied slats. Cut the slats yourself to the correct length.
  • Finally, the roof can be placed on the wall and secured with two people.

Douglas fir need not be treated but regular painting will extend its durability. The bamboo tubes do not need to be replaced unless they are damaged or pulled out. The trays can also be replaced as a whole with the refill IP VU 01.

  • Item number: 920760120
  • Outer dimensions (w x h x d) (cm):260 x 250 x 126
  • Material:FSC-hout (Douglas)
  • Colour:Naturel
  • Soortgroep:Insects
  • Type:Solitaire bijen
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