NK IJ 01 Kingfisher nesting box

Item number: 900720119
Outer dimensions (w x h x d) (cm): 28 x 17 x 80,5 (nest)
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This wood concrete nesting box is used to create an artificial nesting space in a location where there are not good conditions for a natural nest.

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Kingfishers dig nest holes in steep banks, usually right along the water’s edge. This nesting box creates an artificial nesting space in a location where there are not good conditions for a natural nest. The nest box is buried in its entirety in a homemade steep wall.

  • Place the nesting box along the bank of a puddle, pond or stream. The entire nest box must be buried in the bank.
  • Make sure the entrance opening is flush with the bank. The tunnel of the nest box should slope slightly downward from the nest area so that water cannot enter the nest corridor.
  • Before applying, place a layer of dry soil in the nest area and make a small nest pit to hold the eggs together. Also fill the tunnel bottom with sand and/or clay. The kingfisher will freely dig the tunnel itself.
  • Place a seat for the birds near the nest entrance. This could be a horizontal branch (or several) inserted into the wall or some stakes near the nest entrance in the water. The kingfisher uses the perch for fishing and as a lookout for predators.
  • It is always better to place two nests close together (at least 2 meters away). This allows the female to make a second nest in the empty nest box while the male takes care of the young from the first brood.

In most cases, the nesting area will no longer be accessible for maintenance. However, it is important to remove any vegetation immediately around the nest entrance with some regularity.

  • Item number: 900720119
  • Weight (kg):9,3
  • Outer dimensions (w x h x d) (cm):28 x 17 x 80,5 (nest)
  • Material:Woodstone┬«
  • Colour:Grijs
  • Soortgroep:Birds near water
  • Type:Kingfisher
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