NK KA 02 Jackdaw nesting box

Item number: 906380120
Outer dimensions (w x h x d) (cm): 28 x 52 x 31
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With this nesting box, you can offer jackdaws a suitable nesting opportunity. Burrowing pigeons and starlings also use the hive.

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Among other things, the NK KA 02 provides nesting opportunities for jackdaws and cave pigeons. Starlings also like to use the hive. There are even reports of squirrels building a nest in it. The cabinet is made of 100% wood concrete. At the bottom of the back, 2 screws can be screwed in so that the cabinet hangs more stably. Especially against the round trunk of a tree, this makes a big difference.

  • Hang the nesting box with the screw hook provided.
  • Use the 2 supplied screws for stable placement.
  • The entrance opening should not be placed to the southwest due to rain.
  • Make sure the hive does not hang in the sun all day.
  • Do not add nesting material.
  • Place the nest box at least 3 feet high in a tree or on a fence or facade.

The lid of the nesting box is removable for maintenance. Cleaning is best done immediately after the young birds have fledged or in the winter months after a few days with frost. Jackdaws can stuff the nesting box quite a bit with nesting material!

  • Item number: 906380120
  • Weight (kg):12
  • Outer dimensions (w x h x d) (cm):28 x 52 x 31
  • Inner dimension (w x h x d) (cm):20
  • Material:Houtbeton/Woodstone®
  • Colour:Grijs/Zwart
  • Fly-in opening:80 mm
  • Soortgroep:Songbirds
  • Type:Cave Pigeon, Chew, Starling
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