OW OZ 01 Bank swallow wall

Item number: 901450120
Outer dimensions (w x h x d) (cm): 375 x 230 x 150
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This mobile bank swallow wall provides space for 51 nest boxes(NK OZ 01)

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This mobile bank swallow wall provides artificial nesting habitat for the bank swallow.

  • The wall is 3.75 meters long, 1.50 meters deep and 2.30 meters high. It can hold up to 51 nesting boxes.
  • This mobile bank swallow wall is constructed of a beam timber frame covered with 18 mm waterproof concrete plywood. The entire exterior wall is finished with rough stucco to give the wall a sandy appearance. The roof is covered with EPDM rubber.
  • The wall can be opened through the door at the back. This door is equipped with 2 “sliders” and padlocks.
  • A scaffold was built in the wall with platforms on which the 51 nesting boxes(NK OZ 01) will be placed. These nesting boxes are supplied separately. At the back, these nesting boxes are easily opened to allow access to the nesting area. Checking the nest boxes should obviously be kept to a minimum to avoid disturbing the swallows!
  • This riparian swallow wall is ideal for research. Ringers can easily access nests to weigh, measure and ring young.

The wall can be installed or moved in-house. If required, we can also make an offer for this. Contact us for options.

  • An ideal location for this wall is on the shore of a large pond, lake or on a river, for example.
  • Place the wall tight to the water’s edge.
  • Walls can also be placed on larger construction sites, where excavation work is taking place, to prevent swallows from nesting in the sand piles and delaying work as a result.
  • Most walls are placed on a joist, concrete or otherwise, which is laid level in a stabilized sand bed.
  • To prevent predation of the nests, it is recommended that a live wire be placed around the wall.
  • Optionally, we can also provide a so-called “protective collar” at an additional cost. This is placed a little below the nest entrances so that a predator cannot reach the nest entrances.

Unlike the well-known concrete riparian walls, the great advantage of this wall is that it can be installed by crane. This makes the wall usable again in subsequent seasons in other locations.

The wall is basically maintenance-free. The nest boxes can be cleaned once a year at the end of the season (starting in October). The old nest can be removed by opening the door at the back of the nesting box.

  • Item number: 901450120
  • Outer dimensions (w x h x d) (cm):375 x 230 x 150
  • Material:EPDM rubber, Plywood, Rough stucco, FSC-hout
  • Colour:Grijs
  • Soortgroep:Zwaluwen
  • Type:Oeverzwaluw
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