UK KE 02 Barn owl nest box

Item number: 901280112
Outer dimensions (w x h x d) (cm): 47 x 67 x 88
FSC certified:

This nest box is suitable as a hiding and nesting place for the barn owl. The nest box is made of waterproof glued plywood and finished with a water-based lacquer.

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Although it is not very common in the Netherlands to hang a barn owl box, it is being done more and more often. This is much more common in other countries and there these hives are successfully inhabited by barn owls.

  • This barn owl box is made of exterior plywood and finished with a water-based paint. For extra durability, the roof can be finished with a layer of EPDM or bitumen (not included) if necessary.
  • The cabinet comes with a large landing platform that can be optionally mounted. This is not necessary.
  • The hive has a separate nesting area and has a hatch at the front to open the hive for inspection and maintenance.
  • This barn owl nest box can be placed outside on a pole, facade or in a tree.
  • Provide a free entry and exit route and do not place the hive with the entrance opening facing southwest.
  • Preferably place in a location in shade or partial shade.
  • Barn owls prefer a rural quiet place.
  • A layer of dry small wood chips can be added to the nesting box as nesting material if necessary.
  • Since every location is different, we provide the nest box with minimal means to hang the nest box. During placement of the cabinet, it is best to assess what additional resources are needed for stable and safe placement.

The hive can be cleaned after the breeding season (preferably in the winter months). In doing so, beware of disturbance, as barn owls use the nest box year-round. Therefore, keep operations as short as possible.

  • Item number: 901280112
  • Outer dimensions (w x h x d) (cm):47 x 67 x 88
  • Soortgroep:Owls
  • Type:Barn Owl
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