UK RA 01 Long-eared owl/Falcon nest basket

Item number: 908150120
Outer dimensions (w x h x d) (cm): 15 x 41
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This nest basket provides nesting habitat for the long-eared owl. Kestrels and tree falcons also use this nest basket.

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Long-eared owls and tree falcons are species that do not build their own nests. They use old nests of crows or other birds of prey. With this basket, you also provide an opportunity for these species to nest. The basket can also be used successfully for kestrels and is made of braided willow.

  • Place the basket close to the trunk in a v-shaped branch of a tree. The best location is at the edge of a forest, in a park or in a large garden.
  • Pull straps or iron wire (not included) can be used to secure the basket.
  • Make sure users have a clear approach route.
  • Fill the basket halfway with nesting material, such as wood chips.
  • Place the nest basket at a minimum height of 4 feet.

After the breeding season (in the winter months), it can be reviewed to see if some nesting material needs to be replenished. You can often find a thicker layer of pellets and prey remains in the nest baskets used. If that becomes too much, they can be removed.

  • Item number: 908150120
  • Weight (kg):0,7
  • Outer dimensions (w x h x d) (cm):15 x 41
  • Inner dimension (w x h x d) (cm):13 x 36
  • Material:Wilg
  • Colour:Brown
  • Soortgroep:Birds of Prey, Owls
  • Type:Kestrel, Long-eared owl
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