UK ST 01 Stone owl nest box

Item number: 930640120
Outer dimensions (w x h x d) (cm): 50 x 35 x 85
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This nest box provides nesting opportunities for the little owl and is marten-proof. The nest box was developed by STONE Barn Owl Consultation Netherlands.

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To give little owls a helping hand, we can install nest boxes. For example, in yards where nesting opportunities have disappeared in the (recent) past, nest boxes are gratefully occupied by little owls. It is now estimated that at least a quarter to a third of the Dutch breeding population breeds in nest boxes.

The following are important when placing a nest box:

  • Sufficient nesting space, place as spacious a hive (floor space) as possible.
  • Good ventilation.
  • Moisture-absorbing soil material (dry wood chips).
  • Avoid soaking in rain with strong winds.
  • Durable; a nesting box should withstand weather and wind for about 10 years.
  • The hive should be easily accessible and openable for nest box inspection.
  • Prevent access by predators such as stone martens, for example, by applying a marten-resistant lock. This also keeps out nest site competitors such as jackdaw and cave pigeon.

(Source website STONE Stone Owl Consultation Netherlands)

  • Place the hive in a quiet spot (height 2 to 5 meters), preferably in a tree with exit possibilities for the young owls
  • The entrance and exit opening preferably comes out on a horizontal branch.
  • Any tree with a little open structure so the owls have a free approach opening is suitable. Consider walnut and fruit trees, oaks and pollarded willows.
  • Fix the cabinet securely, weather and windproof.
  • Apply a bedding layer of, for example, wood chips of about 4 cm. In this, the female can turn her nest hole in which she lays the eggs.
  • If the cabinet will be in a shed or barn, hang it about 4 feet high, not too deep in the shed and with the entrance facing the open side.
  • A nice solution is to place the cabinet in an unused attic of a shed. It is then important to make an access with or without a shelf. Young owls and also adults make long-term use of these.
  • If chosen for placement on the facade, the cabinet should not be in full sunlight. A roof overhang is then ideal. Be sure to provide enough runout (plank or branches about 2 meters long).

The hive can be cleaned after the breeding season (preferably in the winter months). In doing so, beware of disturbance, as the little owls use the nest box year-round. Therefore, let the work be as short as possible.

  • Item number: 930640120
  • Weight (kg):14
  • Outer dimensions (w x h x d) (cm):50 x 35 x 85
  • Inner dimension (w x h x d) (cm):33 x 28 x 49
  • Material:Multiplex (FSC)
  • Colour:Groen
  • Fly-in opening:70mm
  • Soortgroep:Owls
  • Type:Steenuil
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