VK SK 04 Bat pole box wooden pole (complete)

Item number: 901480120
Outer dimensions (w x h x d) (cm): 43 x 165 x 43 (excl. paal)
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This pole box is very suitable for mitigating summer and mating roosts of a number of bat species.

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This pole box is very suitable for mitigating summer and mating roosts of a number of bat species. The bat pole box on wooden pole can be placed anywhere, but preferably near a green space with shrubs and trees or near a forest edge. It is also possible to place the pole box in an open area in the park, garden or forest. Then place the cabinet as close to the edge of the clearing as possible.

A pole box consists of a 6-foot Douglas (FSC) pole and a (rocket) box. In addition, it comes with four bags of quick concrete for stable placement. The three compartments on all wind directions have 19-mm spacing finished with spray cork, these are mutually accessible through holes in the partitions.

Bats can crawl into the closet through the open slats at the bottom. A ventilation slit is placed on two sides. Once inside the enclosure, the bats can reach all parts of the enclosure through various openings in the slats.

There are several bat species that can use this bat box. This depends on the species occurring locally. The pole box is suitable as summer and mating habitat. In mild winters, the hive can also serve as a shelter. Although no cases are yet known where the pole box was used as a maternity box, this possibility is certainly not ruled out.

As summer and mating habitat possible for:

  • Common, rough and small dwarf bat
  • Bearded bat

When placed in forests:

  • Common big-eared bat
  • Frankenstein
  • Water bat
  • Pug bat
  • Fire bat

In mild winters, possible use by:

  • Common dwarf bat
  • Big-eared bat
  • Preferably place the pole box in partial shade to avoid overheating in extremely hot weather.
  • Place the pole box at least 1 to 1.5 meters deep in the ground. This depends on the soil conditions at the site.
  • The post box is supplied with 4 25 kg bags of quick concrete.
  • Provide a free entry and exit route
  • Do not place the pole box in lighting of lampposts etc.
  • Multiple pole boxes near each other is preferred.
  • If desired, we can provide full installation services. Contact us for options.

You can clean the bat pole box once a year in the winter. Preferably during a frost period. First check that the cabinets are not occupied! A special long-handled brush can be used to remove cobwebs and other debris from the cabinet.

  • Item number: 901480120
  • Weight (kg):65 (excl. paal)
  • Outer dimensions (w x h x d) (cm):43 x 165 x 43 (excl. paal)
  • Material:Exterior Plywood (FSC), Spray Cork
  • Soortgroep:Bats
  • Type:Bearded bat, Big-eared bat, Common big-eared bat, Common dwarf bat, Fire bat, Frankenstein, Little dwarf bat, Pug bat, Shaggy dwarf bat, Water bat
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