VK ST 02 Bat cellar stone

Item number: 900800120
Outer dimensions (w x h x d) (cm): 38 x 19 x 19
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This bat stone is specially designed to provide a place for bats to crawl away. The stone features crevices, chambers and holes so bats can pick their own spot where they feel most comfortable. There are several bat species that can use this bat stone, this depends on the species that occur locally and where the bat stone is hung

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This bat stone is specially designed to provide a place for bats in winter roosts to crawl away in. The stone features crevices, chambers and holes so that bats can pick their own spot where they feel most comfortable or where they can crawl away together as a group.

This road creep stone is quite suitable for a number of locations, uses and species groups. Thus, the stone can be applied for underground or ground-covered winter quarters with target species such as:

  • Water bat
  • Bearded bat
  • Frankenstein
  • Common big-eared bat
  • Lake bat
  • Pug bat
  • Griffon bat
  • Bechstein’s bat

Application to above-ground winter quarters is also possible such as in rooms in forts, church towers or church attics. Target species then are:

  • Common dwarf bat
  • Shaggy dwarf bat
  • Latent flyer
  • Common big-eared bat
  • Gray big-eared bat
  • Little dwarf bat

These sites are suitable for overwintering during severe frosts. In addition, these roadside creepers are applicable as a refuge for bats under bridges and traffic-clearing sections of overpasses.

  • These bat bricks, when installed in bunkers and basements, are hung in varied heights.
  • When installed in attics and stables, the cabinets are placed as high as possible against the gable or posts beams. Use the provided angle brackets and dowels and screws.
  • For high spaces in stables or attics, maintain a minimum height of 3 meters.
  • The stone can be screwed to the wall or ceiling with the two included angle irons, screws and plugs.
  • From a certain height, the bricks can be stacked loose.
  • Do not place bricks above windows and doors.
  • The bricks should not be placed on illuminated facades or in other artificial light.
  • Multiple bat bricks near each other is preferred.

In buildings and bat cellars, this bat stone usually does not need to be cleaned. When placed under bridges, at least annual maintenance is required. Cleaning the bat stone anyway? Do this when the stone is not occupied by bats. A special long-handled brush can be used to remove cobwebs and other debris.

  • Item number: 900800120
  • Weight (kg):8,5
  • Outer dimensions (w x h x d) (cm):38 x 19 x 19
  • Material:Woodstone┬«
  • Soortgroep:Bats
  • Type:Bearded bat, Bechstein bat, Common big-eared bat, Frankenstein, Gray big-eared bat, Griffon bat, Lake bat, Latent flyer, Little dwarf bat, Pug bat, Shaggy dwarf bat, Water bat
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