Customization - Barn Owl municipality of Purmerend

Commissioned by the municipality of Purmerend, we placed two barn owl sanctuaries at the nature strip around the Baanstee business park in Purmerend.


In the area where the lifts were placed there were three farms, one of which was demolished. Three pairs of barn owls nest in these farms. So the lifts serve as compensation and are custom built.

Maatwerk voor de gemeente Purmerend
Plaatsing en ontwikkeling in samenwerking met Miecon.


From the Purmerend municipality, we received a sketch of the barn owl shelter. Based on this sketch, the barn owl traps were custom-made by our collaboration partner Miecon. Then the lifts were placed.

The loft was built to be an ideal nesting place for the barn owl. The barn owl house is built of Douglas-fir wood and the roof is finished with concealed gutters to prevent leakage. The posts of these barn owl lofts are steel and run through the roof to create a hay barn effect, they also stand in a solid concrete foundation. On one side of the loft is an access hatch and an entrance opening with a perching area for barn owls. A barn owl hive and some perches were installed in the loft. Ventilation and venting is provided in the ridge of the roof. The bottom of the lift came to a height of about 4 meters.

Nice results

Soon after installation, an inspection by the municipality revealed that both lofts were already being fully visited by barn owls. Many pellets, moulting nests, prey remains and chalk marks were found in the tills and also in the nest boxes placed in the tills.

In the end, barn owls actually nested successfully in one of the lofts. As many as four young were found. This achieved the intended effect of providing nesting sites for barn owls to compensate for a barn being demolished

Jonge kerkuilen in de nestkast.

Also need a customized solution?

We have already had the opportunity to complete several projects for the Purmerend Municipality, including the delivery and installation of an insect wall, a swallow tower and a peregrine falcon box. To that, this beautiful project has now been added.

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