Nature-inclusive building - Berckelbosch

On the edge of Eindhoven’s city center is the new Berckelbosch neighborhood. Ballast Nedam developed this new sustainable urban neighborhood with 1930s-style owner-occupied homes. Its fine location gives it a real village character and the wishes and needs of future Berkelboschen residents have been listened to in full.

Let nature work for you

Berckelbosch is a neighborhood with plenty of space for birds, bats and greenery. These were great wishes of the residents of this sustainable urban neighborhood. In cooperation with the Netherlands Society for the Protection of Birds, Ballast Nedam applied nature-inclusive construction. We thought about the use of various conservation products in the homes. For example, the IB GZ 05 Recessed brick was used for house sparrows and swifts and the IB VL 06 Recessed brick for bats. This project clearly shows that urban development and nature can go well together.

In the coming years, the fauna provisions applied will be monitored.

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