The challenge of the Nature Protection Act in construction projects

How to deal with the Nature Protection Act is a huge challenge for many. The Nature Protection Act protects our flora and fauna and the most important Dutch nature reserves. Since Jan. 1, 2017, provinces have determined for their areas what is and is not allowed in nature. As such, they are also responsible for permits and waivers. An important part of this law is the protection of sensitive species.

This law prohibits disturbing the nests and resting places of vulnerable species, capturing or killing animals. In construction projects, therefore, you must comply with the Nature Protection Act. Prior research into the presence of protected flora and fauna in the plan area is therefore necessary. This will prevent damage to protected species of plants and animals and reduce delays in project progress. In cooperation with ecological consulting firms, we inventory what is needed and help you with the mitigation and compensation measures to be taken.

Area analysis

A thorough analysis of the area provides insight into potential problems and solutions. Together with The New wEarth, we are studying the situation in the area, focusing on climate, biodiversity and health. In this way, we strive for a comprehensive approach.

With The New wEarth, we facilitate projects that focus on using green solutions for:

  • Climate adaptation in the living environment: We want to prevent heat islands, reduce flooding and address drought.
  • Strengthening Biodiversity: Our goal is to strengthen various species, increase the population of pollinators and prevent potential pests.
  • Improving people’s physical and mental health: We aim to prevent cardiovascular disease, improve air quality, increase shade, reduce noise pollution and promote mental well-being.

Quick scan

Often an investigation in the form of a QuickScan is sufficient to find out what measures you need to take to adapt a project to the requirements set by the Nature Protection Act. The findings are interpreted and incorporated into a report supported by photographic material and recommendations.

Ecological research

If a QuickScan does not provide sufficient clarity, an additional ecological study will follow. We do this in cooperation with ecological consulting firms. An ecological survey is a comprehensive investigation according to an established protocol. This involves extensive mapping of an area’s flora and fauna.

An ecological survey is always customized. For example, a careful bat inventory may need to be done or, conversely, an accurate flora inventory. From this research comes a complete list of recommendations. Sometimes it turns out that the consequences of plan development cannot be avoided. If so, a permit or waiver is required. The ecological consulting firm will then prepare the required plan of mitigation and/or compensation measures.

We can implement the recommendations from the mitigation plan and/or compensation plan. This includes, for example, the supply and/or installation of facilities.

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