Our total solution

Unburdening, a beautiful word that actually says exactly what our total solution is all about. After all, there is quite a bit involved in all the measures that need to be taken before a project can start. And there are also pitfalls during implementation. We will help you with all the steps. From research to installation of appropriate temporary or permanent facilities. And it doesn’t stop there for us. After installation, we can also help you maintain the

What possibilities are there?

  • Survey local flora & fauna
    Our experts examine what measures need to be taken to comply with the Nature Protection Act. Depending on the situation, we do a quick scan or a full ecological survey. Options range from a quick scan to a thorough area analysis. Look here for more information.
  • Plan making and project proposal
    Based on the study, we will make a proposal.
  • Project Implementation
    We can fully execute the project. This applies to the placement of both permanent and temporary facilities.
  • Maintenance
    We can also take over maintenance.
  • Monitoring
    The project will be monitored in time to demonstrate that the measures are working.
  • Visibility
    We place professional and educational signage at the project. In addition, we communicate about the project through our various channels such as social media and newsletters.
  • Supply conservation products
    Of course, we deliver all products to the desired address.

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