Woodstone and FSC wood

We strive to produce all of our products with the sustainable material Woodstone (wood concrete), a mixture of wood fiber and concrete. In addition, all the wood in our products is FSC-certified.

Why we choose FSC

FSC wood is important because it provides a guarantee that it comes from forests that are sustainably and responsibly managed. This helps preserve forests, biodiversity and local communities. The FSC certification system ensures that wood products meet strict ecological, social and economic standards.

FSC was created in 1993 in response to growing concerns about deforestation and illegal logging. It is an international nonprofit organization created through collaboration between environmentalists, social movements and corporations. The FSC label is now recognized worldwide as a symbol of sustainable forest management.

Advantages of wood concrete (Woodstone)

FSC wood concrete (Woodstone) offers several advantages over traditional concrete in products:

  • Environmentally friendly: FSC wood concrete uses sustainably produced wood, which helps preserve forests and reduce ecological impact. Traditional concrete, on the other hand, requires a lot of energy and has a significant carbon footprint.
  • Weight: Wood concrete is generally lighter than traditional concrete, which facilitates transportation and reduces stress on structures.
  • Insulation: FSC wood concrete naturally has insulating properties and breathes, providing a more stable indoor environment in the facilities. As a result, better breeding results are achieved.
  • Sustainability: The use of FSC wood in concrete makes it a sustainable resource, while the extraction of raw materials for traditional concrete has a significant impact on the environment.
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